An Uncommon King

Join us for the Wisconsin premier of this new film - one night only - at the AMC Star Cinema in Fitchburg, WI!

Please reserve your seat by March 27th to guarantee the screening:

About the film:

There are different kinds of leaders in this world: those who exert their power over others to control them and those who teach others to be leaders of their own lives. 

An Uncommon King tells the life story of a Tibetan spiritual king (Mipham Rinpoche) as he takes over from his unconventional, charismatic father (Trungpa Rinpoche) to bring ancient wisdom to a modern world.

His unique title, Sakyong, literally means “Earth Protector.” He is part of a lineage of spiritual kings. When greed and aggression tip the balance of nature and society, he is responsible for transmitting the antidote – teachings on how to bring about good human society.

Shot over seventeen years in twelve countries in Asia, Europe, and North America; including Tibet, India, China.



Tickets are $10 each - sold in advance only!

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AMC Star Cinema
6091McKee Road
Fitchburg, WI 53719