Local Leadership

Ann Hall, Center Director (bio coming soon)

Lisa Cappelli, Director of Practice and Education (bio coming soon)

Marian Slaughter, Rusung (bio coming soon)

Suzanne Lee, Chagzo (bio coming soon)

Lora Wiggins, Director of Culture and Decorum (bio coming soon)

Ann Sievert, Director of Societal Health and Well-being (bio coming soon)

Tuyet Cullen, Volunteer Coordinator (bio coming soon)

Miriam Hall, Membership Coordinator (bio coming soon)

Mandi Miller, Way of Shambhala Director (bio coming soon)

Kerryann DiLoreto, Executive Assistant to the Council

Kerryann has been a member of Shambhala since 1997.  In past years, she served as Center Director, then as Director of Practice and Education.  Kerryann is a Way of Shambhala Assistant Director and aspiring Qi Gong practitioner, having completed the introductory levels with Dr. Eva Wong.  In her professional life, Kerryann is a senior project director at the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, as well as a small business owner of a vintage biplane flying service.