Battle of Ego - an Introductory Class

with Olivia Parry

June 12th—July 10th (2013)

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  • $85.00 Program Price
  • $40 Patron Price
  • $75 Student Price
Room: Shrine Hall
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What is the nature of our minds and our relationship to the world? This course investigates the quality of struggle in how we relate to ourselves and the world and considers the possibility of cutting through that struggle.

By understanding more about the nature of the various mental and emotional states we all go through, and of how our habitual patterns of confused reaction take us in and out of those states, we can begin to find a genuine and sane way to live.

This series provides an introduction to mind and life from the Buddhist perspective, culminating with presentation of the Mahayana view and practice. The specific topics include: the Three Lords of Materialism, the Six Realms as styles of ego, karma, aloneness, the teacher, maitri, mindfulness/awareness practice, and the discovery of buddha nature.  And while these concepts may sound abstract or esoteric, fundamentally, they are just names for what we experience on a day to day basis as human beings.

No pre-requisites apply.  This class is open to everyone.



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