Ikebana Club

with Dr. Lora Wiggins & Kathy Faas

July 6th (2013)

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  • $15.00 Program Price
  • $10.00 Patron Price
  • $10.00 Student Price
Room: Shrine Hall
Program Registration is Closed.

Join us for our first meeting – everyone is invited!

This will be an opportunity for those with an interest in doing
Ikebana to come and learn together with Kathy Faas and Lora Wiggins.
(Note that we will have an additional learning opportunity later in
the month with visiting teacher, Lisa Stanley.)

We will offer a brief description of the basic principles of heaven,
human and earth.  Everyone could bring containers and kenzans
(otherwise known as "frogs" - the pointy things we stick flowers into)
if they have them, and then could take their arrangements home.  If
you don't have containers or kenzans, you are welcome to use what we
have at the Center and leave your finished arrangement for the
community to enjoy.  Flowers and greens will be at the Center when you
arrive and will share the cost as a club.  Please plan on contributing
$10-$15.  We can share thoughts and enjoy the practice of flower
arranging together. No experience necessary.

Please contact Lora at [email protected] with any questions.