Mahayana and the Way of Compassion

with Olivia Parry

June 17th—July 15th (2014)

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  • $110 Program Price
Room: Shrine Hall
Program Registration is Closed.

Through meditation we begin to look at our mind.  We start to discover how we think, our habitual patterns and the power of our thoughts. As our practice evolves, we uncover our basic nature and begin to drop inner struggles, extend out and see our experience without the overlay of preconceptions.

The experience of our basic nature, or basic goodness, brings more warmth and openness into our lives. It leads to a deeper understanding and compassion for oneself, and connection with true spiritual warriorship, which is practicing and living for the benefit of others.

This class will provide instruction in meditation technique and an introduction to Mahayana Buddhism. 

There are no pre-requisites for this class and no prior meditation experience is needed




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