Nalanda Miksang Intensive

with Miriam Hall

August 15th—August 19th (2016)

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  • $400 Program Price
  • $500 Patron Price
Room: Shrine Hall
Program Registration is Closed.

Join us for this first annual intensive, which will cover Levels I-II over the course of five days.

The intensive is an opportunity to either take both of these levels for the first time, or cover

them again together as a group.


Levels I of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography covers the forms of seeing: color,

surface, light, space and dot in space. Level II covers the fields: flowers and weeds,

ordinary/personal world, impressionism and people and other sentient beings. Doing these

together over the course of five days gives us the chance to sink deeply into the teachings and

experience, as well as giving us an extra day to spread out and find spaciousness in the practice.

Housing and meals are not included in the program, however, local sangha members are often

happy to host for free, and the group will meet often to share meals either made, brought in or

bought together. The area around Shambhala Madison is very active for Air BnB, if you wish to

find your own place; additionally, there are many hotels a short drive away and a couple a walk

or bus ride away.


If you are taking the teacher training following the intensive, it is strongly suggested you take

the intensive, especially if it has been awhile since you took Levels I-II.