Nalanda Miksang Level I Teacher Training

with Miriam Hall

August 20th—August 21st (2016)

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  • $200 Program Price
  • $300 Patron Price
Room: Shrine Hall
Program Registration is Closed.

If you feel committed to the path of Miksang, have a regular meditation practice and are

interested in teaching, this teacher path may be right for you. We have a strong preference for

those with previous teaching experience, connections to spiritual and/or dharma practice, and

those who have taken as many Nalanda Miksang programs as possible (Levels I, II, III as well as

Way of Nature and Absolute Eye) when possible. It is strongly suggested to attend the intensive

the five days before this program if you haven’t attended a recent Level I. See intensive

information also for details around housing and food.


The path of teaching Nalanda Miksang is a path of love, not profit. Dedication to the formal

presentation of Nalanda Miksang is a must; not just a passing interest. Possible candidates

should contact Miriam Hall for consideration: [email protected]


Special $100 fee for repeaters