Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice

with Shastri Mark Blumenfeld

November 6th—December 11th (2018)

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  • $75 Student Price
Room: Shrine Hall

This introduction to Buddhist thought and practice starts with an exploration of the view and practice of the hinayana, or "foundational vehicle," of Tibetan Buddhism.  Each class will have guided meditation, an exploration of a key topic and discussion.  Contemplation practice of the four reminders will also be introduced.  


Key topics to be covered include: 

  • The path of meditation as personal transformation
  • Mindfulness and Awareness - what they are, how they work
  • An exploration of the suffering and it's antidote
  • Motivation to practice and the Four Reminders
  • An enlightened view of Faith and Discipline
  • Selflessness, Liberation and the importance of not doing harm


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