The Life of the Buddha and the Essence of the Path

with Renee Cannizzo

May 22nd—June 26th

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  • $125.00 Program Price
  • $150.00 Patron Price
  • $60.00 Student Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Please join us for this six week course that tells the story of the Buddha’s life and his essential teachings.  We will examine how the Buddha’s life and teachings inspired a 2500 year tradition of meditation  and compassion practice. The relevance of his teachings are very present today in the mindfulness movement, human psychology and radical approaches to cultural change and ecological care.  

Recommended book: A Life of the Buddha. By Sherab Chödzin Kohn

Class Details:

  • When: Six Wednesdays, May 22 - June 26
  • Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Where: Shambhala Center of Madison
  • Instructor: Renée Cannizzo
  • Open to: Everyone
  • Pricing: Regular: $125, Patron: $150, Sudent: $60, or pay what you can afford

What to Expect:

  • Guided Meditation: Begin each session with a short guided meditation to cultivate mindfulness and create a supportive space for learning.
  • Exploration of the Buddhas life, his basic teachings and their relevance to our current times
  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in thoughtful discussions and share experiences with fellow practitioners.
  • Instructor Expertise: Led by Renée Cannizzo, a lifetime member of the Shambhala Sangha with many years of practice and study, complemented by advanced degrees in the history of religious art.

Who Can Attend:

  • Individuals with any level of meditation experience, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, are welcome.

About Renée Cannizzo:

Renée Cannizzo has been immersed in the Shambhala Sangha since birth, cultivating a deep connection to the teachings. With a background in the history of religious art in Europe, Renée brings a unique perspective to her teachings. 

Contact Information:

For inquiries or registration assistance, please visit our website or email [email protected].  

All are welcome!